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2008-07-09 10:59:20 by TheUrbanNinjaGirl

i just have to let you all know i'm getting a new newgrounds account because this one is getting dull. i'll let y'all know the new account when i finish making it.


2007-12-13 22:37:29 by TheUrbanNinjaGirl

i'm so happy! its almost christmas! happy holidays everyone!!!



2007-11-22 22:17:52 by TheUrbanNinjaGirl

i'm in the progress of making a kyuubi (nine-tailed fox) fursuit! its coming along nicely. i may post some pictures of my work on my newgrounds user page when i fix my camera. i will also add a slideshow of my work on youtube i a little while. to find me on youtube search PKyubiProductions and then watch some of my vids as well as some of my faves, just to get the idea of what i'm like.


cool picture 1

2007-11-16 14:20:33 by TheUrbanNinjaGirl

kitune no kyuubi

cool picture 1

here are my ten favorite quotes of 2007:

1. if at first you don't succeed, skydiving isn't for you.

2. saying "yes" to cover up your real opinion is not right, saying a simple honest "no" is
always better.

3. i'll be your shoulder to cry on if you will be mine.

4. there is always one person in any group of friends that nobody f***ing likes (by comedian Dane cook).

5. don't take the same path as everyone else, take the path less traveled by.

6. if at first you don't succeed, destroy all evedence that you tried.

7. if you think my life is easy, try living like me.

8. hugs, not drugs!

9. if i said you "you have a beautiful body", would you hold it against me? (my bf said that to me)

10. if you don't know, ask.

my ten favorite quotes of 2007

i love deidara!!!

2007-09-22 15:29:25 by TheUrbanNinjaGirl

deidara is my fave character from naruto. i simply love him, un!!!

i love deidara!!!


2007-09-05 21:25:17 by TheUrbanNinjaGirl

ZMIX is the new CD that i'm working on. my music remixed into a new craze in the past, so why not do it again!!! track five and six are coming soon, i promise.